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Transmision remota de cerebro con sentimientos y todo

Transmisión de cerebro:

First quantum teleportation between light and matter from PhysOrg.com

The concept of quantum teleportation - the disembodied complete transfer of the state of a quantum system to any other place - was first experimentally realised between two different light beams. Later it became also possible to transfer the properties of a stored ion to another object of the same kind. A team of scientist headed by Prof. Ignacio Cirac at MPQ and by Prof. Eugene Polzik at Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen has now shown that the quantum states of a light pulse can also be transferred to a macroscopic object, an ensemble of 10 to the power of 12 atoms (Nature, 4 October 2006).
Corrección de errores de transmisión:

Research Report 200628-55

From Highlights 28/2006:
Decoding mental states from brain activity in humans [Review]
Recent advances in human neuroimaging have shown that it is possible to accurately decode a person's conscious experience based only on non-invasive measurements of their brain activity. Such 'brain reading' has mostly been studied in the domain of visual perception, where it helps reveal the way in which individual experiences are encoded in the human brain. The same approach can also be extended to other types of mental state, such as covert attitudes and lie detection. Such applications raise important ethical issues concerning the privacy of personal thought.

Authors: Haynes JD. Rees G.
Title: Decoding mental states from brain activity in humans [Review]
Source: Nature Reviews Neuroscience. 7(7):523-534, 2006 Jul.
ISSN 1471-0048
KeyWords Plus
Human visual-cortex, Lateral geniculate-nucleus, Human extrastriate cortex, Resonance-imaging fmri, Detecting deception, Binocular-rivalry, Cortical activity, Temporal cortex, Face perception, Natural scenes.
Research Topic: Cognitive Sciences
Institution: Haynes JD Max Planck Inst Cognit & Brain Sci Stephanstr 1A D-04103 Leipzig Germany Max Planck Inst Cognit & Brain Sci D-04103 Leipzig Germany Univ Coll London, Inst Neurol, Wellcome Dept Imaging Neurosci London WC1N 3BG England Univ Coll London, Inst Cognit Neurosci London WC1N 3AR England
ISI Accession Number: 055US-0014

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